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Hailing from the bustling streets of New York, Alex Smetsky stands as a dynamic force in the world of contemporary pop art, leaving an indelible mark through his vibrant creations that seamlessly blend street art with profound social commentary. As a masterful street artist, sculptor, curator, and the proprietor of a non-profit gallery, Smetsky's work has transcended geographical boundaries, resonating with audiences globally.

early years and influences

Born in Moscow, Russia and raised amidst the eclectic energy of New York City, Smetsky's artistic journey began against the backdrop of its diverse cultural tapestry. Growing up surrounded by the dynamic street art scene, he found inspiration in the vibrant expressions that adorned the city's walls and took part in the graffiti world.

Influenced by the likes of Obey, Ewok 5MH, Totem 2. Daim,  and Banksy, Smetsky developed a unique style that melds urban grit with a refined artistic sensibility. His influences weren’t limited to just the street, however. As he’s advanced in his career, he’s been more and more inspired by some of his all time favorites such as Michelangelo, Mucha and Gaudi.

“It’s a paradox, I love the the new age art, especially the more vector-styled stuff, but it doesn’t challenge me nearly as much as the older stuff. I want to be the bridge that combines the new and the old” said Smetsky.



the global canvas

Alex Smetsky's artistic prowess has not been confined to the concrete jungle of New York. His work has graced walls and spaces across the globe, making him a true ambassador of contemporary pop art. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the cultural hubs of Europe, Smetsky's creations have sparked conversations and captivated audiences worldwide.

His early life background in the New York City nightlife has opened his doors to many artistic projects, installations and collaborations in the current NYC nightlife scene. One of his most iconic sculptures is the giant hummingbird located at Somewhere Nowhere in Chelsea. The giant 13 foot mixed media disco flower with the bird has been seen in many articles and is currently the most photographed icon in NYC nightlife.

Smetsky has collaborated with a plethora of celebrities, seamlessly integrating his distinctive style with the personas of iconic figures. His collaborations with musicians, actors, and influencers have not only added to his portfolio but have also elevated the cultural significance of his work.

You can see his Pink skull stickers globally as the iconic logo makes its way in many towns and cities.

Beyond the streets, Smetsky's artistic expression extends to the realm of sculpture and now mosaic,  where he transforms raw materials into evocative forms that challenge conventional perspectives.

Curator and Philanthropist

In addition to his creative pursuits, Smetsky wears the hat of a curator, orchestrating exhibitions that celebrate the diversity of contemporary art. His non-profit gallery- Gallery 23-  serves as a platform for emerging artists, fostering creativity and inclusivity within the art community. Committed to giving back, Smetsky provides a platform for up and coming as well as already established artists to shine at his gallery for the world to see.

Legacy in the Making: Alex Smetsky's journey as a pop artist, sculptor, curator, and philanthropist is a testament to the transformative power of art. As he continues to push boundaries and break barriers, Smetsky leaves an enduring legacy that transcends the confines of the canvas, enriching the global art landscape with his bold vision and unwavering commitment to creative expression.

exhibits (selected)


Gallery 23


Gallery 23


Gallery 23



Gallery 23



4 person show with the other "Elements" of Gallery 23. 

Mike Raz, Emilio Martinez, and Sophia Pookie.


2 man show with fellow artist Hektad. This was a dynamic show to beckon the question- "What drives you? Is it Love? or the Money?

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